In 2018, Charité Chrétienne pour Personnes en Détresse CCPD won the 5th edition of the Kyoto World Water Grand Prize which honors grass-roots organizations of developing countries for their outstanding accomplishment in solving water issues which serves as a model for other grass-roots organizations.

Our organization was recognized for its work in empowering individuals and community groups and improving their access to safe drinking water and sanitation. These efforts have contributed to a noticeable decrease in water- and sanitation-related diseases and deaths in the community of Togo. [Read more]

To date, the organization has carried out several projects for the people of Togo thanks to grants from international partners. She is also a member of several organization networks such as End Water Poverty1% For The Planet, child abuse and discrimination, with which she stands united in the fight for access to drinking water and decent sanitation, education for all, environmental protection, promotion of human rights, etc.

In its fight against poverty, the organization works hand in hand with local communities and has adopted several approaches to enable goodwill to help it achieve its mission.

Through the grants it receives, CCPD supports communities at the grassroots level in carrying out development activities. On the other hand, it provides opportunities for volunteers and missionaries from around the world to directly help people in need while promoting cultural exchanges.

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