Thursday, April 1, 2021


We are proud to be a member of the global "1% for the planet" initiative, we believe in protecting the planet and saving it for future generations. We dedicate  time, resources and volunteer activities to the environment, with the goal of creating a better world for all living things.

There are different ways of supporting our environemental solutions: 

1.     Pollution reduction (by plastic and greenhouse gas)

We are promoting solutions aimed at reducing pollution due to chemical fertilizers, plastics and greenhouse gases.

2.     Promotion of solar energy and improved stoves

Improved stoves designed to cook food quickly with a less polluting energy source like bio-charcoal would help reduce the use of wood as a source of energy for households. 
Installation of solar panels as a source of clean energy for households and farms.

3.     Promotion of beekeeping, organic farming and tree planting

Beekeeping activities include making beehives, installation and follow-up of beehives, provision of materials and small equipment needed for the harvest and packaging of honey. 

We also develop nursery sites where young plants are produced and made available for community reforestation. We train in compost making and crop processing, and provide access to improved seeds and environmentally friendly insecticides and pesticides.

            4.     Waste recycling (plastic, household and agricultural) 

Every day, tons of plastic, household and agricultural wastes are dumped into nature. The management of these wastes has become a major environmental challenge.

Plastic projects aim to reduce the use of plastic, recycle plastic wastes and reuse plastic in agriculture. While biodegradable household and agricultural wastes are transformed into compost or fuel briquettes.

5. Provision of water filters, rainwater collection systems, eco-toilets and hand washing devices

In the past, our water projects have improved the lives of thousand people, preserved acres of land and surface water from pollution from open defecation, and increased crops production
through the use of fertilizers produced from recycled eco-toilet waste.

With your support, we could further protect the nature and its resources such as water and land by providing water filters, rainwater collection systems, eco-toilets and hand-washing facilities.

We welcome any help we can get. Just contact us!

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